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I have seen ORALMEDIC in my local Pharmacy.  What makes ORALMEDIC different to other mouth ulcer treatments?

ORALMEDIC is a mouth ulcer treatment that stops the pain in seconds.  Just seconds after application, you can no longer feel any pain. Unlike conventional treatments you only need to apply ORALMEDIC once – just one treatment and the pain is gone!  You can even eat tomatoes or drink orange juice without feeling anything!

The hygienic cotton bud application system also means that you don’t have to put your finger in your mouth to apply the treatment.

What if I can still feel pain after the treatment?

You must make sure that the ulcer is completely covered with ORALMEDIC. If you can still feel pain after treatment, this is a sign that the ulcer was not completely covered.  Use a new treatment stick to re-apply and completely cover the ulcer with ORALMEDIC.

It really stings!  Is this normal?

ORALMEDIC does sting briefly on application – proof that you can really feel it working!  This is completely normal and will not last more than a few seconds.

After I have applied ORALMEDIC, it leaves a white mark around the edge of the ulcer.  Why does this happen?

After application, ORALMEDIC rapidly pulls water out of the upper most layer of tissue.  Removing the water from the tissue changes it so that it is more like a scab, similar to what is found on a skin abrasion.  It protects the site and appears as a white eschar, indicating that the product is working.

Can I use the same ORALMEDIC treatment more than once?

If you have more than one ulcer in your mouth at any one time, you can use the same treatment to treat more than one ulcer, provided you apply enough of the treatment to each ulcer to cover it completely.

Should I apply ORALMEDIC more than once?

ORALMEDIC is effective after only one application.  If you can still feel pain afterwards, this is an indication that the ulcer was not completely covered.  If this is the case, re-apply immediately.  However, you should not treat the same ulcer again in a different treatment session, as this will slow down the healing process.

Can my children use ORALMEDIC?

We recommend that ORALMEDIC should only be used on children aged 12 or over.  This is primarily because many children would be more sensitive to the stinging sensation which can be felt upon application.  Nevertheless, we know of some children under 12 who get mouth ulcers who always ask for an ORALMEDIC treatment stick.  They know it will sting, but are prepared to put up with that in order to get the pain relief a few seconds later.

Can I use it on ulcers on my tongue?

Mouth ulcers on the tongue can be effectively treated with ORALMEDIC but they can sometimes be more difficult to treat.  Ulcers on the tongue appear to be deeper than those on the oral mucosa, and as such usually require that ORALMEDIC be applied to the tongue for several seconds longer than if you were treating another surface.  It can also be difficult to completely treat an ulcer,particularly in awkward places to reach at the back of the tongue, as the tongue tends to move around.

Can I use it if I bite my lip or the inside of my cheek?

Yes you can

Can I use ORALMEDIC if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

ORALMEDIC is a topical treatment and does not enter the metabolism at any point.  However, we have not yet carried out enough studies on pregnant or breast-feeding women to be able to recommend ORALMEDIC for these people.  For this reason, it is better to be on the safe side and not use ORALMEDIC when pregnant or breast-feeding.

Can ORALMEDIC be used on Brace / Denture sores?


Where can I buy ORALMEDIC?

ORALMEDIC is available from several on-line retailers.

Click here to see where you can buy Oralmedic

ORALMEDIC contains HYBENX, but what is HYBENX?

HYBENX is the active ingredient within ORALMEDIC and is made up of the following ingredients:                  Hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid Hydroxymenthoxybenzenesulphonic acid                      Sulphuric acid                                                                Water                                                                                 FD&C Red 40

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