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How should I apply ORALMEDIC?

The following simple points explain how to use Oralmedic.

1. Firstly, dry the ulcer with the cotton drying bud.

ORALMEDIC treatment stick

2. Remove the ORALMEDIC treatment stick from the packaging and hold it with the red circle facing upwards.

ORALMEDIC treatment stick

3. Gently bend the cotton bud at the red circle until it snaps.


4. Hold the treatment stick at a 45 degree angle. ORALMEDIC will now flow to the opposite end of the cotton bud.

ORALMEDIC treatment stick

5. Gently apply the treatment to the mouth ulcer, ensuring that the mouth ulcer is completely covered.  After a few seconds, rinse your mouth with water and spit out.

Why do I have to use a drying stick?

ORALMEDIC is hygroscopic i.e. it seeks out water.  By drying the ulcer with a drying stick before treatment, you are removing excess water (e.g. saliva) on the surface of the ulcer, enabling ORALMEDIC to get straight to work more quickly.

How to use ORALMEDIC

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